This class provides an easy to use library to the PHP GD-based image functions.

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1.1.0 (2003/12/05)
  • added 2 workaround-functions for the missing resample functions (high-quality resizing) in GD versions < 2.0.
    setResizeMethod('workaround') - VERY slow. ok for downsizing.
    or setResizeMethod('workaround2') - VERY VERY slow. good results for down- and upsizing.
  • changed the crop parameter (boolean) in newOuputSize to a mode parameter (integer) to handle more resizing-calculation methods
    0 -> image will be resized to the new output size, regardless of the original aspectratio. (default)
    1 -> image will be cropped if necessary to preserve the aspectratio and avoid image distortions.
    2 -> image will be resized preserving its original aspectratio. differences to the new outputsize will be filled with $bgcolor
  • little fix for addText on windows plattforms

  • 1.0.2 (2003/11/09)
  • fixed bug with GD versions < 2.0

  • 1.0.1 (2003/11/08)
  • first release

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